Ardbeg An Oa 1000ml 46.6

Ardbeg An Oa 1000ml 46.6%

SGD 165.00

Introduction: Ardbeg An Oa is singularly rounded, due in no small part to time spent in oak Gathering Vat where whiskies from several cask types - including; - sweet Pedro Ximenez; - spicy virgin charred oak; - intense ex-bourbon casks, amongst others - familiarise themselves with each other. The result is a dram with smoky power, mellowed by a delectable, smooth sweetness. Hallmark Ardbeg peat, dark chocolate and aniseed are wrapped in smooth, silky butterscotch, black pepper and clove, before rising to an intense crescendo of flavour. Colour: Light Gold Nose: Rounded and smoky - like burning Applewood - with creamy toffee, aniseed, treacle and dates. A curious suggestion of juicy fruits, such as peach and banana. With a drop of water, the whisky opens up further with classic fragrance – lime, pine resin, fennel, saddle soap and tar. A gentle waxiness, like fragrant candle wax, and hints of smoked herbs. A final subtle reminder of the sea with briny notes and seaweed but always accompanied with creaminess. Palate: A smooth, creamy texture leads into a huge syrupy sweetness, flavours of milk chocolate, treacle toffee, aniseed, orange and smoky tea leaves. Gentle, sweet spices (nutmeg & cinnamon), some cigar smoke, and a very unusual flavour of grilled artichokes. Wood presence in the spirit, gently nutty. A long, sweet finish, with floral overtones, mint toffee and some gentle malty biscuit notes. Finishing: Lingering, seductive, gentle yet intense, with flavours of aniseed, hickory and distant subtle smoke.